Hasmik’s guilty pleasure game

So you’ve had a really long day and it seemed like that to-do list would never get finished. But now you’re in your bed all cuddled up, ready to relax and escape to … anywhere. Let’s say your dog is sleeping or your cat isn’t talking to you and of course Netflix isn’t working at the moment (HELP!). But what do you do now? You play your guilty pleasure game right? Well that’s what I usually do. This guilty pleasure game isn’t a game you talk about with your friends. It might not even be good, but it’s a game that when you play it you can unwind and enjoy yourself. I’m pretty sure every gamer has some games that they like to play and, for various reasons, they are embarrassed to share with others.

So back to the title of this post right now. What’s my guilty pleasure game you ask? Well, drumroll please, my guilty pleasure game is … Tetris. Yes, I said it. I play Tetris. On Facebook. If I have to be honest a few years ago I used to play Tetris all day. Like every day. But now it’s my guilty pleasure game and no one knows it. Well now everyone knows it but still. I’m not really a gamer so if I have to unwind or enjoy myself I usually just read a book or watch a movie but sometimes after a long day, I like to come home and get in bed and just play Tetris. I know, I know, it’s not that exciting and there are probably better games out there, but who cares. I love Tetris so that’s all for today.


What’s your favourite guilty pleasure game? Let us know in the comment section and tell us why you like that game so much? We would love to read them all and maybe we will make a list with guilty pleasure games later.