Games to secretly play in class

To all lecturers, teachers or any members of educational institutions, this may not be your favorite post. Unless of course you’re supervising the detention class/study groups/activists/demons and you, too, should find something to keep yourself occupied with.


This post is for all our peers. We know your struggle is real, we feel your pain when the teacher’s first sentence is “Don’t worry, this PowerPoint will be posted online this evening.” The first thing that comes in mind is “Why the f-ck am I here then”, immediately followed by “How will I spend the upcoming 120 minutes?” We. Feel. Your. Pain.

I have two main pointers for you to consider when you’re playing games

  1. Make sure your game does not cause you stress or make you angry. This may be notable to your peers and teacher and you’ll get caught. Certainly when you have self control issues and tend to make grumbling sounds or have the tendency to punch the nearest object around you when you’re losing your game.
  2. Make sure that the key combination you’d have to use to play this game isn’t too obvious. If all you’d have to do is press enter, the game is not for class. It’ll make too much noise and you’ll bet busted. So for example Tetris is not the game you’d want to play here.

Some examples of games you can play:

  • Bubble Shooter
  • Mahjong
  • Bejeweled


This should at least help you out a bit already. If you have any suggestions for us, place it in the comment section below! Eternal gratitude in return, what else?

Love always, Hannelore.