Hannelore De Swaef

Welcome to our blog!

My name is Hannelore De Swaef and I’m 21 years old. Unlike Hasmik, I have no cool abbreviation for my online existence. I could also say “call me H.” but that would make this entire blog just confusing. So let’s just not do that…

Originally, I’m from the smallest town you can imagine in the province of Flemish Brabant but studying Cross Media Management at the Karel de Grote-hogeschool led me to the beautiful city of Antwerp.

As mentioned in Hasmik’s introduction, our blog is all about playing games. Let’s not get confused though, we mean the literal sense of this: computer games, board games, video games… No mind games, Olympic games, Game of Thrones and whatever your creative mind can come up with.

We genuinely hope you’ll enjoy our blog, perhaps get inspired to try something new and don’t hesitate to comment your suggestions. Enjoy it!

Love always, me. (You know, Hannelore.)