iOS Games

July = vacation. That’s what you’ll find in my dictionary. Sun, beach, culture, music, games (duh!) and doing nothing. What the hell is she talking about, is what you’re all thinking right now, right? Well, bear with me boys and girls. I will get to the point. So my trip to Los Angeles is booked and that means 10+ hours time to kill. What do you do then? Well, first of all come at me bro, I’m ready for the sun. I’ve been ready my whole life. But back to killing time. What I do is, yes you’ve guessed it right, I play games on my iPhone. And that’s where this post idea comes from. I want to make your lives easier on vacation so keep on reading this post and you’ll thank me later.

So now we’re just going to get straight to the point. You iOS lovers are going to find a list at the end of this post with games you can download on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and everything starting with an i. This post will probably be read more by the iOS users, hence title of this post, but most games you can probably download on your Android or Windows phones too so don’t go away just yet.

I know what you’re all thinking. Oh no, not another list, there are enough lists with iOS games. But what we actually want to do is … we would like to make a list with iOS games our readers like. So not the most downloaded games or the most expensive games or something like that. No, we want to make a list for our readers, made by our readers. So this way we have a list with games we can all come back to if we need time to kill while we’re on the plane or just waiting for our vacation to start.

games app

We’re going to start by putting our favourites on the list so if you would like to add one or two or even 10, just let us know in the comment section and maybe, if they are fun enough, we will add them to the list. Just one catch. No paid games. Free games for the win.

So this is the list in random order:

DrawSomething – a game for all you creative souls out there.
QuizUp – one for all the quizzers (obviously).
Subway Surfers – for all the subway surfers? Just kidding, don’t do that, that’s not safe. Just download it because it’s a lot of fun.
Solitaire – for all the old-school card lovers.
Stack – for the stackers?
Faily Brakes – ride or die bitch.
Angry Birds – for the angry boys and girls out there.
Charles – weird gamers?

Let us know what you think of this list and don’t forget to let us know what your favourite iOS games are by leaving a comment in the comment section. Have fun checking out our fun and free games and don’t forget some sunscreen 😉